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Taurus App All Question and Answer

Is Taurus App Fake Or Real? |How Much You can Earn in taurus app in 2023

App NameTaurus App
Size23 MB
EarningDaily Task Complete & Earn
Withdrawal timeInstant withdraw
User1M Active Users
Sign-up BonusFrom 100₹ to 3000₹

What is Taurus App | What is Taurus Cash?

Taurus App is a large platform for earning real money while playing games at the same time. If you complete all the tasks in the Torus App, you will also get up to 30% (according to your level) commission, which you can withdraw instantly into your bank account.

Is Taurus App Real or Fake?

Taurus App is 100% genuine and real for the entire country. because This app is protected by Internation SSL Ceritficate, and Your data 100% secure in the Taurus App. Many people say that The Taurus App is Fake. Because those people want to withdraw their money only from UPI. However, withdrawals are now only made in banks, where there is no risk to Taurus users.

How Much You can Earn in taurus app in 2023

you can earn in lakh per month if you work hard to promote taurus app in social media. i earn 2lakh/ month from taurus app and feel very happy after withdraw amount.

if you want to earn money from taurus app, download app from above link and join my telegram channel, where i provide daily money earning tricks and best earning app in india.

How Gullak Is Work In Taurus App

Gullak is a extra earning source in taurus app,

Whati Is Gullak?

Gullak helps you earn 1₹ per hour automatically. when ₹10 is collected in Gullak, you can withdraw all then money.

How to get a Gullak?

You can get a Gullak after inviting 2 triends successfully. when your level will increase, then Gullak will Fill fast than Now.

Taurus cash app earning Proof

Some Screenshot you can see the bellow. this is 100% real earning. you will also generate this type of amount without hard working and withdraw anytime 24*7*365.

There Are Three Condition Apply in Withdraw from taurus Application. which i discuss in the bullets point given bellow:

Condition 1 : If you do withdrawal in Torus app for the first time, you can withdraw money only when you have 100 rupees in your wallet.

Condition 2 : But the second time you want to withdraw your money, you will not be able to withdraw 100 rupees, if you have 500 ₹ rupees in your wallet, you will be able to withdraw easily from your bank.

Condition 3 : But when you withdraw 500 ₹ for the third time, now even 500 ₹ will not be withdrawn, this time when you have 1000 ₹ withdrawable amount in your wallet, then you can withdraw that money in your bank, and from now on whenever your wallet I will be 1000 ₹ then you will withdraw that money.

What is taurus physical appearance?

If you must have read in the article above, then we have told that this Taurus app is very secure, thats whay this taurus app is avaible almost all secure plateform like apple store and playstore etc.

Taurus App Is on Google Playstore

Yes, the presence of Taurus app is also on Google Play Store. And you people must know that there is no useless application in Playstore,

Why when any people upload their app on Google Playstore, then Google scans that app and checks that there is no malware in it and there is no harmful file which can cause loss to anyone.

Is Taurus app free or Paid?

Yes, app is 100% free in use And you don’t have to pay any charge for using App. And this is such a platform from where you can easily earn from 500 ₹ to 10000 ₹ a day, as people search how to earn money online without investment, so from this Torus app you can earn money without investment.

Who Make Taurus Application?

The full Name Of app is Taurus-Daily Task & Cash. on Play store And this Taurus Cash app was created by Taurus Limited Company; the website link for Taurus Cash is provided below; you can visit it there.

And this torus company is basically from America but torus app is made only for Indian people, this app can be used by every Indian to earn money.


Q.1 What is Taurus App?

Ans. An app to play games and earn commission. Playing games or completing tasks earns real commission. After Clicking in Withdraw button, commission is instantly credited to your wallet.

Q.2 When Was Taurus app Launched?

Ans. Taurus App Was launch in 2012

Q.3 When was the torus app updated?

Ans. Last Updated on 14-Nov-2022.

Q.4 What is The Purpose Of Taurus Cash App?

Torus App has a direct purpose that everyone can earn money sitting at home only by completing small tasks in Taurus Cash App.

Q.5 How Much Commission Can I Earn In Taurus cash App?

Ans. You can Earn Commission From 0₹ to 1,00,000. This Commission is depends of your work, when your share taurus app to 100 People daily then you can easily earn 15,000₹ in a day.

Q.5 What Is Whastapp Mobile Number Of Taurus Cash?

Ans. Whatsapp Number : 9831650913

Q.6 What Is Email Id Of Taurus Cash Application?


Disclaimer :  The money you invest in this game could go either way. The game has the potential to become addictive. Because of this, everyone is reminded to play the game at their own risk. Avoid this game if you’re over the age of 18.

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