Rummy Deity APK

Rummy Deity APK Downlaod | ₹51 Bonus

App NameRummy Deity
PublisherTeen Patti Gold
Apk Size23 MB
Sign-up Bonus20₹/-
Active User1M+

What is Rummy Deity Apk?

Rummy Deity Apk is a gaming app that lets you play card games online. After the success of Teen Patti Master APK Now, this Rummy Games apk is the next best thing. This Rummy Deity app was launched by teen patti gold company. there are lot of chances to win real money and withdraw in bank account directly

About Rummy Deity APK

Rummy Deity APK

With Rummy Deity Apk, you can make money online by playing games like Rummy, Teen Patti and Andar bahar game etc.

The best thing about this app is that you can play many different games inside it, not just card games. When you play the game, it’s important to remember that there is a financial risk, so you should be careful with any money you put into it.

This app has games like that that you can play over and over again. You can also make a lot of money by telling your friends about this app, which it lets you do.

The program you were given makes it clear that you can make an endless amount of money, but it will depend on how often your player recharges. In other words, the more often they recharge without you, the more commission you will get. won’t get

How To Download Rummy Deity App

So How to download Rummy Deity app in you android phone? Just Follow these easy 4 Steps.

  • Click on “Download” Button Given in Above.
  • You Will Redirected to new browser of Rummy deity Official Website.
  • After That Click on Download.
  • Now Open Rummy Deity App And Play Games and Enjoy.

Rummy Deity Launch Date

If you want to know when this app will be released, you should first know which company released it.

This game will be released on September 21, 2022, and it will be released by Rummy Modern Company. Which Rummy Deity app is there, or are there four or five different apps?

How To Sign-Up/Create Account in Rummy Deity App?

bind mobile number in rummy deity

Now, let’s say you’ve heard about this app and downloaded it, which you can do with our download link. Now that you know how to get the bonus by making an account in this app, you need to know how to do it. If you make a mistake, you might not get the bonus. To do this, make an account in this app the way it’s explained below.

  • It is very important that you put this app on your phone after you download it, and then start it up.
  • When you open it, you’ll be taken to the app’s home page, where you’ll need to enter your phone number to get the bonus.
  • Before you can choose the Bind choice for the mobile number, you must first click on the profile button.
  • After clicking the Bind button, enter your cell number, set your password, fill out the OTP, and then click the Confirm button.
  • You have now successfully signed up for an account in the app, and you will get a bonus of 51 right away.

Welcome Bonus in Rummy deity Game

Welcome Bonus in Rummy Deity

If you want to earn money without investment then this welcome bonus in Rummy deity is very beneficial for you and your friends. this welcome bonus you will get after registration in Rummy deity with your mobile number.

All Games Inside Rummy Deity APK

Games in Rummy Deity

In the Deity Rummy Apk, there are games that you can play. Below is a list of all the games, so you can see which ones you want to play and which ones you don’t. You should make your own decision, but I can give you a way to make money by playing the Dragon vs. Tiger game. If you use a simple gaming trick, you can win a lot of money.

Multi Player

  1. Dragon vs Tiger
  2. Car Roulette
  3. 7 Up Down
  4. Zoo Roulette
  5. Andar Bahar
  6. Roulette
  7. Crash
  8. Teen Patti 20-20
  9. Baccarat
  10. Best of Five
  11. 3 Card Poker

Skill Game

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Rummy
  3. Poker
  4. Black Jack
  5. Fruit Line
  6. Fishing Rush
  7. 10 Cards
  8. Variation
  9. LUDO

Sports Game

  1. IPL Game
  2. Sports Game

Refer & Earn in Rummy Deity

Refer & Earn Rummy Deity

You have access to an Agent Weekly Bonus program that works very well. In the lines that follow, you’ll find out more about this app and how to use it.

In the Refer & Make program, you can get up to 30% commission if you ask a lot of people to play, but you’ll never get that much. There is a Weekly Bonus for Agents. How to use this app is up next.

You can also join the Agent Weekly Bonus program, which is very popular and has been made available to you. In the lines that follow, you will learn more about this app and how to use it.

In the Refer & Make program, if you send a lot of players, you could get a 30 percent fee, but you will never actually get that much money. The Agent Weekly Bonus is a possibility. The next thing to do is to use this app.

Follow Steps to Refer & Earn

  • Open the Rummy Deity Apk file.
  • Tap the button that says Agent.
  • Copy your link to share.
  • Send the link to the request to your friends.
  • More people you ask, more money you’ll make.

Features of Rummy deity App

  • Play online anytime with your family & friends
  • Play in any Indian Languages.
  • Lots of Variations – different Types of games with Easy interface.
  • Gifts- You will get Weekly Bonus & Monthly Bonus and more gifts.
  • Customer Support: if you have any Problem then You can contact them by chat and Telegram.
  • You will get 51₹ Sign-up Bonus After mobile number registration.

Weekly Bonus in Rummy Deity APK

weekly bonus in rummy deity

You are eligible to receive a Weekly incentive in the Rummy Deity app, which is a form of referral incentive, if the sum of all of your referral earnings for the previous week was greater than 1000. The amount of the weekly bonus you receive will be determined based on the range of your income.

The Weekly bonus can be claimed beginning on Monday, but you have until the following Sunday to do it in order to avoid having it become invalid.

Rummy Deity Progress Bonus

If you get commissions from a lot of setting references inside the app, you’ll also get weekly bonuses on those commissions. But did you know that you also get progress bonuses on those weekly bonuses? That’s why this programme is here, and you can also get your progress bonuses through this programme.

If you want this, you must remember that you can only get it if you are a VIP member. You will get this extra every Monday if you are a VIP member. can do.

With the Rummy Deity APK’s weekly bonus features, users have the chance to get a free bonus worth hundreds of rupees every week. Users who make money through connections can also get a bonus every week. You get weekly bonus every week.

Under the Weekly Bonus structure, you could get profits of between 500,000 and 500,000. Every Monday, your account will get a Weekly Bonus Commission credit.

How To Earn Money Without Investment in Rummy Deity?

Friends, as you all know, there’s no way to make money online without spending money, and if there is, the process is long and the payoff is small, but I still need to tell you that.

There are so many ways to make money without investing in the Rummy Deity Apk, but some of them are linked, so I’m not going to explain all of them.

Now, let’s talk about how to make money with the Deity rummy Apk without Investment.

How To Add Cash in Rummy Deity?

Rummy Deity

With the Add Cash program, you can add money to this game. If the extra you get isn’t enough, you may want to add more money. You can do this by clicking “Add Cash.” This program is great because you can add as little as 11, which is very simple and easy. You can use any of the following ways to add at least 11. It can make you money if you use it.

  • The first step is to click on the “Add Cash” button on the main page.
  • In the second, you can choose from a number of different amounts. Choose any one, then click the button that says “Add Cash.”
  • When you add cash for the first time, you have to finish KYC, which means you have to give your phone number or email address.
  • After that, a payment page will show up where you can add money using any payment method.
  • When your payment goes through, your money is put into your account safely.

You can follow all the steps used to add money to the Rummy Deity App and find out how to add people without any problems because the game is so great. As the next paragraph says, this means that you get a bigger commission.

How To Withdraw Money in Rummy Deity?

Rummy Deity Withdraw
Rummy Deity APK Downlaod

The latest news is that this app pays out after a minimum of ₹100 has been reached. This means that if you reach ₹100 in your game account.

You can easily send your withdrawal through your bank and UPI to your bank account. This application has been fully paid for, so you don’t have to pay anyone or fail anyone.

  • Open the Rummy Deity app’s home page.
  • Click the Withdraw button on the wallet page.
  • You will be asked to choose how much money you want to take out. On this rummy app, the least amount you can take out is Rs 100.
  • Now, fill in the details of your bank account if you want to take money through net banking. If you want to use UPI or a card instead, fill in the details of that instead.
  • Within two to three business days, the money will be in your bank account. Most of the time, though, the money should be in your account in less than 24 hours.

How To Add UPI in Rummy Deity?

To add UPI to Rummy Deity, you must first choose the payout option, then the Chip to UPI option, and finally the People Plus option.

  • UPI, you can enter your UPI details.
  • should fill out, which you must do with your name and UPI address.
  • The UPI information can then be put into this app as soon as you hit the save button.
  • After that, you’ll be able to use UPI to take money from this app.

You can use UPI to withdraw money from this game if you fill out the UPI information and meet the other requirements. If you do, you won’t have any problems and can withdraw using UPI.

How to Bind Bank Account Number in Rummy Deity?

for Adding bank information to Rummy Deity, follow these give steps

  • you have to choose “withdraw” first.
  • Then choose the choice “Chip to Bank.”
  • clicking the +Bank Account button for the person.
  • you may add your bank information. which you’ll fill out with your name, email address, and bank information.
  • Then, when you click the “Save” button.
  • You will be able to put your bank information into this app.
  • After that, you will be able to use this app’s bank to take money out.

By following the above rules, you will be able to fill out the bank information to make withdrawals in this game without any problems, and you will be able to use a bank account to make withdrawals.

Is Rummy Deity App Safe Or Not ?

Since Rummy Deity just came out and has a lot of games and program, its features suggest that it has been well tested.

But based on the features of the app, we can’t accept it, so as of right now, we haven’t even accepted cash from this app. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know here. In the meantime, you’ll have an account in this app.

How To Play Dragon VS Tiger Game in Rummy Deity App?

Rummy Deity APK Downlaod

Bet: 10₹

Bet: 30₹

Bet: 70₹

Bet: 150₹

Bet: 350₹

Bet: 800₹

Bet: 1700₹

Bet: 3600₹

  • To make a bet, you can choose “Dragon” or “Tiger.”
  • Choose to bet “Tiger” bet amount: 10.
  • If the bet on “Tiger” loses, the amount of the bet is chosen: $30.
  • If the “Tiger” bet doesn’t win, choose the amount of the bet: 70.
  • If the “Tiger” bet doesn’t win, choose the amount of the bet: 150.
  • If the “Tiger” bet won, change the amount you put in; bet $10 again.
  • If you win at one of them, choose 10 again to bet on the other ones.

Rummy Deity Withdrawal Proof

Withdrawal prrof inrummy deity

VIP Promotion Rewards in Rummy Deity Game

If you’re also a member, you need to know about the VIP Promotion Reward, because if you’re a VIP at any level, you’ll make a lot of money on Add Cash. In the table below, you can see how many different kinds of perks you get from each programme.

Dear member: The VIP status has recently been made better, and the prizes from the ongoing offer are still valid. If you join the VIP club right away, you’ll get billions of Rupees worth of perks. The more levels you have, the more bonuses you could get.

VIPNeed to UpgradeWinningsWeaklyMonthly
VIP 00000
VIP 1500000
VIP 2Rs.10k103060
VIP 3Rs.30k154070
VIP 4Rs.80k205080
VIP 5Rs.150k256090
VIP 6Rs.250k3070100
VIP 7Rs.450k3580110
VIP 8Rs.750k4090120
VIP 9Rs.1.15m45100130
VIP 10Rs.1.65m50110140
VIP 11Rs.2.35m55120150
VIP 12Rs.3.25m60130160
VIP 13Rs.4.35m65140170
VIP 14Rs.5.65m70150180
VIP 15Rs.7.15m75160190
VIP 16Rs.8.95m80170200
VIP 17Rs.11.06m85180210
VIP 18Rs.13.45m90190220
VIP 19Rs.16.15m95200230
VIP 20Rs.19.15m100210240

Share Option in Rummy Deity

The best app for making money In the country, it’s now possible to make money while you sleep. All you need is a smartphone.

  • The first step to making money is to download our app, make an account, link your mobile phone and bank account, and contact our online customer service representative to open an agent player account.
  • The second step to getting money is to click “share” to get a share link that you can send to your friends through Whatsapp or Facebook. You can also recommend your friends, make a video, and upload it to YouTube.
  • The third step to making money is to wait for the commission to show up in your account. Check your cell phone every day to get the commission, make money quickly, and live a better life.

Customer Support of Rummy Deity App

rummy deity customer support
Rummy Deity APK Downlaod

Friends, you’ll have a lot of fun using this app because you’ll get a lot of great help from within it. This means that if you run into any problems.

they’ll be easy to fix because you’ve got great customer service through WhatsApp and great help within this app through Telegram. Check out the full information about help for more information.

Disclaimer:- This Game Can Be Risky So Please Play on Your own Risk. you can be loss money in this game. and if you loss is not responsible. This game is only for 18+ only

Rummy Deity APK- FAQs

How Much is Minimum Withdrawal in Rummy Deity?

₹100 is minimum withdrawal in Rummy deity

How much is Sign-up Bonus in Rummy Deity?

You will get ₹51 After Sign-up in Rummy Deity.

What is the minimum amount i can add in Rummy Deity Apk ?

Only Rs.11 is the smallest amount you can add to Rummy Deity apk.

Is Rummy Deity Apk Real or Fake ?

Based on what we know now, it looks like the real apk, and many users, including me, have already gotten their money from the Rummy Deity apk into their bank accounts using UPI.

How Many games are available in Rummy Deity?

There are 17 Games available in Rummy deity, that you can play and earn real cash.

What is the Rummy Deity App’s maximum withdrawal amount?

There is no maximum limit to withdraw. whatever you want, you can withdraw.

What is the Rummy Deity App’s maximum withdrawal amount?

 The Rummy Deity Apk was Launched on March 26, 2022.