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Rummy Ola APK Download & Get Free ₹51 Bonus | Earn easily 5000₹

App NameRummy Ola
APK Size51MB
Sign-up Bonus51₹
Active User1Lakh+
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Let’s talk about the topic for today. You’ve come to the right place if you want to download a free Rummy app with a lot of great features. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get Rummy Ola APK. Ola Rummy App Get Sign-Up Bonus is 52, and the minimum payout is 100.

The only difference between Teen Patti Ola and Rummy Ola is their names. The money you make here can be taken right out of your bank account. You can play live with real people from all over the world at any time, in any place, and in any language you want.

About Rummy Ola APK

The name “Rummy Ola” comes from the name “Rummy Ola,” and both “Ola” apps are the same except for their names. If you already have the “Rummy Ola” app, you shouldn’t bother with “Rummy Ola,” since the two apps are exactly the same.

If I say so, then Rummy Ola has more than 22 Online Rummy and Other Casino Games you can play to have fun and win money. The amount you can take out is only Rs.100, and you can do it right away. You can get Rummy Ola Apk by clicking on the button below. You should also check out the Best Rummy Apps of 2022 to find the best Rummy app for you.

Like I already told you, my dear friends, Teen Patti Ola is the new version of the old rummy app, which was a scam. They just released this new APK, which I think will freeze all of our accounts and make us regret using the Rummy Ola app. So I recommend that you don’t put money into this apk until I show you proof of payment.

Rummy Ola APK Download Bonus

Friends, today I’m going to tell you about Rummy Ola App, which can help you make money while you’re at home. When you Download Rummy Ola App and open an account in it, you get a bonus of 41₹.

After that, you get 31 extra if you recharge your phone for 100 on the first day. If you add 100 to your account on the second day, you’ll get an extra 41. If you recharge your phone for 100 on the third day, you get an extra 51.

Inside Rummy Ola Apk, you can play 25 different kinds of Rummy Games and Teen Patti Games, and if you share it with a friend, you can get an extra 80 to 100. Below, you can find out more about Rummy Ola Apk.


All Games in Rummy Ola App

All Games in Rummy Ola

There are more than 15 games in the Rummy Ola app that you can play to compete with other players and win money.

Here, users can choose from more than 15 games. They can also use their gaming skills and knowledge to play card games. If they don’t know anything about card games, they can still play the Dragon vs. Tiger game and win money even if they don’t know anything about card games.

Multiplayer games

  1. Dragon vs Tiger
  2. 7 Up Down
  3. Anadar Bahar
  4. Teen Patti 20-20
  5. Roulette
  6. 3 Card Poker
  7. Baccarat
  8. Best of Five
  9. Zoo Roulette
  10. Car Roulette

Skill based game in Rummy Ola app

  1. Ludo
  2. Rummy
  3. Black Jack
  4. Variation
  5. Andar Bahar Go
  6. Teen Patti
  7. Poker
  8. Fishsing Rush
  9. 10 Cards

Amazing Features of Rummy Ola App

  • When you sign up for the Rummy Ola App for the first time, you get a bonus of 41.
  • This book has 25 different kinds of Rummy Games and Teen Patti Games.
  • When you make a new account and add 100 for the first time, you get a bonus of 31.
  • You get a bonus of between 80 and 100 for each person you refer.
  • If the people you invite play games, you get between 30% and 60% Referral Commission.
  • Inside the Rummy Ola app, you can add cash for as little as 100.
  • You can get your money out of both your Bank Account and your UPI. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 100.

Rummy Ola APK Download & Get 51 Bonus?

registeration bonus

If we’re talking about where the Rummy Ola app is available, it’s on the website, so you’ll need to follow the steps below to get it on your phone.

  • Click here to go to the site’s public page.
  • Tap the button to go and get it.
  • Put the app on your phone and open it.
  • If you know, you can also finish the sign-up process.

Refer & Earn Option in Rummy Ola App

refer & earn rummy ola

This app gives you a lot of cool ways to make money with your friends. Here, a recommendation programe has been given to you. Through the recommendation programe, you can make as much money as you want.

The most important thing is that you can send the money you make from the promotion programme right away to your bank account.

Here, if you join and bring in 3 good referrals, you get a commission of 270. After this, you’ll get 100 per person you bring in through recommendations.

Besides this, the person you add to this application. If that person plays the game by putting money to his account. And how much money is bet on the game.

And you keep getting 30% of the tax that is charged on that bet as a fee. Friends, if you bring more and more people here, you can make as much money as you want.

Step To Invite people in Rummy Ola

  • Click on the option of First Click on Refer & Earn.
  • Now share your Teen Patti Ola Ki Referral Link on Telegram, WhatsApp, Youtube, or Facebook.
  • If you register by downloading a game from your link, you will get 10 rupees.
  • Now if he adds money after registration, then you will get 30 percent of his commission.
  • Click on Claim to withdraw the money earned from Refer & Earn.

How To Add Money in Rummy Ola Game App

add money in rummy ola

You need at least 10 in Ola Rummy APK to add payment. Aside from this, you can only add one payment of up to 100,000 at a time.

The company is running a deal right now in which you can get from 2% to 5.5% cash back if you add payment.

  • Start the app and click on the Shop Option button.
  • Now, a new page will open in front of you. On this page, you will see different ways to add payment ranging from 10 to 100,000.
  • Now you can change the amount to fit your budget.
  • Before you can add an amount, you have to finish KYC by entering your Name, Email ID, and Mobile Number.
  • After finishing KYC, you can pay with your Paytm, Phone Pe, Google Pay, UPI I’d, Debit Card, or Credit Card.

How to Withdraw money from Rummy Ola App?

Withdraw in Rummy ola app

With the Ola Rummy App, you can get your money right away from the company. Here, you can get your money back at any time.

Your payment is put in your bank account 24 hours after it is taken out. Not only that, but you can also take at least 100 from this site.

  • On the Home Page, click the Withdrawal Icon.
  • Now, type in how much you want to take out.
  • Now you know your UPI ID or the details of the bank account from which you want to get paid.
  • After putting in all the information, you can take the payment by clicking on the Withdrawal button.

How to cancel the withdrawal request on Rummy Ola App?

if you want to cancel your withdrawal request in rummy ola app. then you can’t do this because there is no such option available in Rummy Ola App. you can use Safe Option To Save Your Money.

Rummy Ola Share Bonus

The Share fee is a little different from the Referral Commission, because with the Referral Commission, you get a 30% fee, but with the Share and Earn system, you get 100 for every successful share.

By “Successful share,” I mean that you’ll get 100 from your friends if they put at least 100 into their accounts.

Rummy Ola is Real Or Fake App?

Friends, I want to let all the users know that Rummy Ola is a fully trusted and confirmed online rummy game app. People have downloaded this rummy game app more than a million times.

Not only that, but every day, millions of people use this game app to get money back.

Weekly Bonus in Rummy Ola App

Refer and earn money also includes the weekly bonus, which you can get when you ask people. The more money you make in the Referral Programme, the more Weekly Bonus you can get.

The weekly extra will be available to you every Monday and will be good until Sunday night. If you claim your Weekly Bonus within this time frame, you’ll be able to take the money out of your bank account. If you forget, the money will be replaced with the next Weekly Bonus on the following Monday.

I’ve been using the Rummy Ola Apk since 2021, and I’ve made more than 1 Lakh in total as a weekly bonus. The money goes straight into my bank account, even though I’ve never played a single game.

Bonus FromBonus ToExtra Bonus

How to Become VIP Member in Rummy Ola APK

If users want to become VIP players in this Rummy Ola app, they can do so and enjoy making money online in the Rummy Cash Game apk. This VIP is good for all of us in many ways. By putting Rs.500 in your Rummy Ola Wallet, you can become a VIP player.

You will become an Ola Rummy VIP right away and get all of the app’s perks. This is the new rummy cash game apk that all players can use to make real money.

In addition to the Weekly Bonus, you will also get Daily Extra Bonuses, Monthly Bonuses, etc.

  • Open the app for Rummy Ola.
  • Tap on VIP button.
  • Click the “buy” button now.
  • Pick at least Rs.501.
  • Click the “Add Chips” button.
  • Now finish making the payment.
  • After you’ve paid, you’ll be a VIP1.

Rummy Ola APK Lucky Spin Offer

  • Rummy OLA APK just came out with a new feature called “Lucky Roulette.” The amount you recharge on any given day can be traded for points that you can use to directly enter the lucky draw.
  • Use points to enter the lucky draw. Each chance requires a different number of points, so please choose to enter. 【1INR=1 point】
  • Reminder: If you swap points by recharging on the same day, the data from the day before will be erased at 00:00 India time. Please enter the lucky draw on time so you don’t miss out on the chance!
  • Dears:Your Promotional Amount, First Deposit Bonus, and Mystery Bonus have been given to you.
  • Click “Personal Mail” and “Claim” to get the bonus if you’re eligible. Or, please log in to the game to see if your account balance has changed.
  • Sign in to the APP to find out more about an event.

Progress Bonus in Rummy Ola App

You can now make money when you move forward from the previous week. That means that you will get a Progress Bonus if your referral income is higher in the last week than it was in the week before.

This Progress Bonus in Rummy Ola Apk is only offered to VIP players. If you want to make more money, you’ll need to become a VIP1 player at Rummy Ola and then recharge your account to get the VIP1 batch.

Customer Support of Rummy Ola App

Email Address of Rummy Ola App :

Disclaimer:- This Game Can Be Risky So Please Play on Your own Risk. you can be loss money in this game. and if you loss is not responsible. This game is only for 18+ only

Rummy Ola APK- FAQs

When was Rummy Ola App Launch in india?

Rummy ola app was launched on 29 April 2022.

Is Rummy Ola App Trusted or not?

No, the Rummy Ola Apk is a complete scam, and you shouldn’t load any money into it.

How Much is Sign-Up Bonus in Rummy Ola Apk?

Sign Up Bonus is Rs.51 in Rummy Ola app

What is the Minimum  Withdraw of Rummy Ola Apps?

Min Withdraw is Rs.100

What is the Maximum Deposit of Rummy Ola App ?

Maximum Deposit Is Rs.10

How much is invitation bonus in Rummy Ola App?

Per Invites –Rs.100

How much recharge Commission do you get in Rummy Ola App?

 Recharge Commission 2% To 5.5%

How much is the Withdraw Fee in Rummy Ola APK?

There is a withdrawal fee of 0% on each withdrawal in this app.

How many games are in the Rummy Ola Apk?

18+ games are available