New Teen Patti Life Apk (Latest Version)

App NameTeen Patti Life
Apk size48 MB
App CateLifery :Rummy , teen patti
App VersionLates
Sign-up Bonus60₹/-
Min Withdraw100₹
Total Users500K

Hello everyone, I’d like to use their opportunity to say welcome to everyone on this new post. Today, we’ll talk about the Rummy East Company’s New Teen Patti app, which comes out on February 25, 2023. If you like this kind of game and want to make money by spending in it, this app has many features for you, like the ability to get your money out of the game right away, customer service that’s available 24/7, and the ability to play the game in five different languages.

Teen Patti Life App is a very good app. This kind of app has been used for a long time in India. If you haven’t gotten this kind of app yet and are seeing it for the first time, you can trust it. Because the apps are 100% safe, you only need to have a bank account to use them,

you don’t have to send in any official papers, people in India prefer to use these kinds of apps to play games. If you also want to Download Teen Patti Life App, you can do so by clicking on the link below, which will take you to the app’s main website.

How To Download Teen Patti Life App

Guys, This app gives you access to games and tools that you can use to make money. With this app, you can make money by playing card games like Teen Patti, Rummy, Poker, Casino, and more. Also, thanks to its recommendation network, you can use this software to make an unlimited amount of money.

Follow all Step To Download Teen Patti Life Apk

Teen Patti Life Apk

If you follow the detailed steps we give in bellow points, it won’t be hard at all to install the Teen Patti Life APK on your phone . After that, you can play the games we told you about before and make hundreds of rupees in a single day.

I have to tell you that you have to go to the website that is officially tied to this game before you can download it. To start the download, just click the button shown below. It is very simple.

  • Before you install Teen Patti Life, make sure the Mobile setup is open.
  • And Now turn on Install from Unknown Sources from your mobile setting.
  • After that, click on “Download” Button given in this post.
  • After you download this Teen Patti Life APK, make sure to install it on your phone.

If you make a new account with this app, the company will give you a 51 sign-up bonus, which will be immediately deposited into your account (for free). You can play games on this app with the points you earn when you sign up. These perks can be used in a number of games. Once you’ve got Life Teen Patti’s apk, you can use it for free for 100 minutes.

You can take money out of your account, and when you do, you can take it out of either your UPI account or your regular bank account. If you want to download this app, scroll down this page to find the URL that will take you to the page where you can do that. You can easily download the Teen Patti Life app by clicking on the link that has been given.

Create account in Teen Patti Life Apk

teen patti life create account
TeenPatti Life

Teen Patti Life is now available in India, and a lot of people have already put it on their phones. If you like it, too, and want to put it on your phone, you can download it. When you sign up for an account, you get 51 as a welcome gift, and you can play more than 15 games. You can also make money by telling your friends about the Teen Patti Life app.

  • After you’ve downloaded the 3 Patti Life app, you’ll need to put it on your computer.
  • Click on “Guest ID” button for Temprarry login.
  • you will be asked to type in your Mobile number and your name.
  • After putting in your name and phone number, you must click the OTP button.
  • fill You that you were recieved on your mobile number.
  • Once the OTP verification has been done completely
  • the account will be created. And you will 51-ruppe welcome gift instant.

All Games in Teen Patti Life App

all games in teen patti life

If you already have Teen Patti Life APK on your mobile device and have set it up, you don’t need to make a new account for the app on your device. With this app, you can play sixteen different kinds of games and use other features to make money. If you play just one of these games every day, you have the chance to win many thousands of dollars. Here, for your convenience and reading pleasure, is a list of all the games you can play.

  1. Rummy
  2. Teen Patti
  3. Dragon Vs Tiger
  4. Andar Bahar
  5. Black Jack
  6. Best Of Five
  7. Fruit Line
  8. Car Roulette
  9. Zoo Roulette
  10. Poker
  11. Baccarat
  12. Fishing Rush
  13. Variation
  14. Andar Bahar Go
  15. Roulette
  16. 7 Up Down
  17. Teen Patti 20-20

This app has a lot of great games, and most of them can be played to make money from the comfort of your own home. There are three different types of categories, and each one has a total of 23 different types of games. With the help of this presentation, you can find all the important information more quickly.

=>download teen patti master game<=

How To Add Money in Teen Patti Life

add money in teen patti life

You have to play games inside this app to make money, so you have to add money here before you can use the games. To add money, you need to do each of the steps below.

  • Click on Add Cash button .
  • Decide right away how much money you want to add in Teen Patti Life.
  • You can add money by using UPI ID.
  • Only make one click on the Add Chip button.
  • Your funds will be successfully added in this app.

This information is in the Life Teen Patti file, which you can download. If you want to add money while using this app, you have a very Life option. With this apk, it’s easy to add money to your account and take part in different games to win money.

This post tells you how to put money into your account. If you follow these rules, you’ll be able to use the features right in the programe.

Refer & Earn in Teen Patti Life APK

refer and earn in teen patti life

You can make money by telling your friends about Teen Patti Life App through the “Friends, Refer and Earn” feature. If you want to share it, you can choose between Facebook, WhatsApp, and Copy Link. By choosing one of these, you can send your referral link to your friends and ask them to play the game.

You can make money by telling your friends to use the Teen Patti Life app. If they use your link to download the app and make an account, they will get a 51% sign-up bonus right away, and when they play the game, you will get a 30% commission.

  • First, on the homepage of the Teen Patti Life app, click on “Refer and Earn.”
  • Now, copy your referral link or send it straight to your friends on Facebook or WhatsApp.
  • When your friends download the Teen Patti Life app, they get a Rs.51 prize right away.
  • When you play games in their Teen Patti Life app, you get 30% commission, which you get every day in the Refer & Earn choice.

By sharing Teen Patti Life with friends and on social media, you can earn. Invite more friends to this app to earn more.

Refer And Win Program in 3 Patti Life

Refer & Win

Friends, as you all know, soon there will be a lot of apps that give you more bonuses if you tell your friends to use them. In Teen Patti Life Up, you also get more bonuses if you tell your friends to use it.

In this app, you get a quick 100 bonus for referring your friends and recharging your phone for more than 1000, and there is no limit to this, so you can make more money with this app.

To do this, click “Share,” and the money will be sent to your bank account right away. This much can be taken out without playing any games.

How to Use VIP Bonus In Teen Patti Life App

VIP bonus in teen patti life

When you play Teen Patti Life free games, you will need a free prize to improve your chances of winning real money. If you are successful, you will be able to choose a prize. You can get frequent freebies like sing-in bonuses, weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, and label bonuses, among others. Each month, these bonuses are given out.

To be eligible for our bonuses that don’t require you to take a risk, you’ll need to make a deposit of at least 500 into your VIP Membership Account. This will start your VIP Membership Account. Once you have registered your VIP Membership Account, you will find out if you are eligible for the Sign In Bonus Weekly Bolna Monthly Bonus Level Bonus. VIP members are the only ones who can get this perk. You could get a monthly bonus of $51 if you work hard enough.

VIP PlanBuyWeekly BonusMonthly BonusLevel Bonus
VIP 1₹500000
VIP 2₹10,000000
VIP 3₹30,000306010
VIP 4₹80,000407015
VIP 5₹1.50 L508020
VIP 6₹2.50 L609025
VIP 7₹4.50 L7010030
VIP 8₹7.50 L8011035
VIP 9₹11.50 L9012040
VIP 10₹16.50 L10013045
VIP 11₹23.50 L11014050
VIP 12₹32.50 L12015055
VIP 13₹43.50 L13016060
VIP 14₹56.50 L14017065
VIP 15₹71.50 L15018070
VIP 16₹89.50 L16019075
VIP 17₹1.105 Cr17020080
VIP 18₹1.345 Cr18021085
VIP 19Rs.1.615 Cr19022090
VIP 20Rs.1.915 Cr20023095

Progess Bonus in Patti 3 Life App

progress bonus in teen patti life

First, choose the Refer & Earn option in the Teen Patti Live app. Then, click on the Progress Bonus option to see your Progress Bonus and how much you made last week and this week.

Example: Last week, you made 500, and this week, you made 1000. Then, you take away last week’s bonus from this week’s bonus, leaving you with this week’s bonus minus last week’s bonus, or 500.

You need to cut that in half to get your progress bonus. So, your weekly progress bonus will be 250, which you can get by clicking on “Claim” and will be added right away to your bank account.

Teen Patti Life APK’s Safe Programs?

You can get to the Safe Option Features from the app’s home page. If you don’t want to take any of the money you’ve made with the Fetcher, you can put it somewhere safe. This money is kept in a completely safe place, so you can get to it whenever you want.

How to Withdrawal Money in Teen Patti Life Apk

On the Teen Patti Life app, you can use the money you win from games or from referring friends. It’s easy to move that money to your bank account. Now, to make a payment, just follow the steps below.

  • To get started, choose “Withdrawal” from the home page.
  • After that, type in the amount you want to take.
  • your bank account number, the IFSC code, and click Withdrawal once you’ve chosen your bank.
  • When you choose the Withdrawal choice, your Payment Withdrawal will be done.
  • Within two to three hours of the money being taken out of your bank account, it will be put back in.

Teen Patti Life App’s Amazing Features

When it comes to the benefits of the Teen Patti Life app, I can give you a list, which I will explain below:

High Signup Bonus: When you sign up for Teen Patti Life and link your phone number to the app, you’ll get a huge signup bonus of 41.

Instant Withdraw: Instant transfer is the best way to get your money out of Teen Patti Life. You can put your money right into your bank account right away.

Many Online Games: The Teen Patti Life App lets you play more than 15 games, so you have a lot to choose from.

VIP Benefits: VIP members at Teen Patti Life also get extra benefits. If you put $500 into your Rummy Bloc account, you can become a VIP.

Weekly Bonus: You will also get a weekly bonus at Teen Patti Life. You can get this bonus even if you don’t play any games.

Teen Patti Life APP’s Mail Option

Dear friends, Based on the criteria of the application, you have been chosen to get Mail Option Fetcher for the company. Using this function, which gives you instant access to the above information.

you can get information right away about updates and new features coming to this app. Through the email features of this app, you will be told right away of any new features updates.

Teen Patti Life Customer Service

The part of the app called “Customer Service” is open to you. When you call customer service, you’ll be taken to a page where you can chat with a person in real time. This option is on the main screen of Teen Patti Life. If the company’s help staff gets back to you quickly, your problem will be fixed quickly.

Dear friends, this game can cost you real money. This could be a game that you can’t stop playing. This game is not for people under 18 years old. Gambling is the main reason why this is happening. If you want to make money with this, you need to be careful, patient, and not greedy. Then and only then can you win the prize.

“ICC T-20” Game in Teen Patti Life APK

Inside the Rummy Life App, you can take part in a high-profile sports event. The Teen Patti Life app is great. The first game of the 2022 World Cup in Australia is now over, so you can pick your own players and bet on how they will do. If you raise the amount you bet, your earnings and commission will also go up.

You can also give this to your friends by using the program’s ability to share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other social media network of your choice. If you want to learn more about this subject, we strongly suggest that you read this whole post.


We’ve told you everything you need to know about Teen Patti Life Apk Download & Get Rs.99 extra, so if you like it, please let other people know.

I hope you enjoy this article and find it helpful. In the comments, please tell me.

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Teen Patti Life Apk- FAQ

Where can I find the Teen Patti Life apk download link?

There is a link to the Life Teen Patti app in this story. If you click on the link, you can get the app on your computer.

How much minimum withdraw in Teen Patti Life Apk?

Ans. ₹100 is minimum withdraw in Teen Patti Life App.

How to Solve my problems in Teen Patti Life ?

 Teen Patti Life app can be resolved your problem by contacting the WhatsApp customer support team.

How can i open new account in Teen Patti life App?

Setting up a Teen Patti Life Apk account is easy, and the steps are explained in this piece for your convenience.

Diclaimer:- This game contain financial risk so please play this game on your own risk. and this game is only for 18+ people. you can be addictive by playing this game, so please keep away from it.