Teen Patti Lucky APK

Teen Patti Lucky APK Download

App NameTeen Patti Lucky
APK Size43MB
App CategoryRummy, Teen Patti
App VersionLatest Version 2023
Sign-up Bonus51₹
Min Withdraw100₹
Total Users 1M+

Hello, friends! Welcome back! Today, I’m bringing you all a new online rummy app where you can play games with real people and win real money. You can transfer your winnings to your bank account right away.

So, friends, the app we’re going to talk about today is called 3Patti Lucky. It’s just like games like Rummy Glee and Rummy Noble. You can directly download the Teen Patti Lucky app by clicking on the link below. When you register your phone number in the Teen Patti Lucky app, you get a prize of Rs. 41, and you can also make money by telling other people about the app.

About 3 Patti Lucky Game

This piece is very helpful because it tells you about a great app you can use. As soon as you create an account, you’ll be able to get a ₹41 bonus.

Here, you can also win money by playing any of the fifteen games. Before you download the 3Patti Lucky 51 Bonus App, make sure you’ve read this whole post and understand what it says.

Friends, this app came out in February 2023, but the full version is coming out soon. It will be very interesting, and you can find a straight link to download it on the Bestrummyapp.net website.

How To Download Teen Patti Lucky APK?

In this app, you can make money by playing games, but you can also make a lot of money through a program called “refer and earn.” You can earn Rs.50 for every valid referral and more commission on top of that.

You can play games like Rummy, 7up7Down, Dragon vs. Tiger, Andar Bahar, 3Patti, Horse Racing, etc. in Teen Patti Lucky Apk. Play a lot of online games and you’re sure to win Paytm cash.

How To Create Account in Teen Patti Lucky APK 51₹ Bonus?

Sign-up In teen patti Lucky

Follow All Given Steps to Create Account in Teen Patti Lucky Easily like Teen Patti East Apk.

  • Get the Teen Patti Lucky.apk file from the button given.
  • Once the app is downloaded, just install it and open it.
  • Now click on “Your Mobile” and “Bind Your Mobile Number” to get Rs.10 as a sign-up bonus.
  • After binding your phone number, you’ll get a Rs.10 sign-up bonus that you can use on games right away.
  • You can also get up to Rs.150 if you check in every day for 7 days.

Add Money in Teen Patti Lucky Game?

add cash in teen Patti Lucky

Adding money to the 3 Patti Lucky App is simple and easy. You can add at least 10 to your game wallet with the app.

So, if you don’t want to take a big risk, you can start small, and if you make money, you can add more and play more easily.

But I have to tell you that apps like Rummy Glee are known to be fake and trick people. So the more money you add, the more likely it is that you will lose. Pay attention to how much money you put in.

Follow Easy Steps To Add Money in 3Patti Lucky App

  • Open the Teen Patti Lucky app in you device.
  • Click on “Pay Shop” Button.
  • Select Amount of Money that you want to add.
  • You can add at least ₹100 to it.
  • After selecting the amount, click on the option of “Add Cash” Option.
  • Now you can return to the game after completing your recharge.

How to Refer & Earn Money in Teen Patti Lucky App.

Teen Patti Lucky APK

Friends, This game has a lot of great Refer & Earn Program that can help you make a good amount of money every day if you talk about how great it is, ask your friends to play, and then ask your friends’ friends’ friends’ friends’ friends’ friends. Also, if you ask your friends to play the game and they use the recharge method,

You get a 30% commission on those recharges because the software is so good, and you can keep getting this commission as long as your players keep refilling. Even better, on Invite you can get up to 100.

Not only that, but if you bring your friends to the game and they do any kind of recharge, you get 30% of those recharges because the software is so good.

  • Step 1: Open the Lucky Teen Patti app and choose “Refer and Earn” from the list of options.
  • Step 2: Share your referral link with your friends and ask them to do the same. – The apps WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and YouTube, among others, let you send and receive messages.
  • Step 3: Once your friends click on your invite link, they’ll need to download the app and create an account before they can move on.
  • Step 4: At this point, you’ll be paid for referring him.

I have an idea for you if you want to make money that doesn’t involve gaming. So, if you choose the second choice, you have the chance to earn a 30% fee.

You can get an invite bonus when you ask friends. But if any of your friends play the game after adding money to their accounts, you’ll get an extra 30% fee.

All Games in Teen Patti Lucky

Teen Patti Luck All Games

If you sign up for this app, you can play more than 24 different kinds of games.

All the information about each sport is in the list below, which has the names of all the sports. All three of these have something to do with card games and rummy. Here, you can play any sport that you are good at.

  1. Dragon Vs Tiger
  2. 7 Up Down
  3. Black Jack
  4. Ludo
  5. Poker
  6. Fruit Line
  7. Variation
  8. Ander Bahar
  9. Rummy
  10. Teen Patti Lucky 20-20
  11. Baccarat
  12. Teen Patti Lucky
  13. ICC T20
  14. Best Of Five
  15. Fishing Rush
  16. 10 Cards
  17. Car Roulette
  18. Zoo Roulette
  19. Roulette
  20. CRASH
  21. sports
  22. 3 Cards Poker
  23. Ander Bahar Go

Features Of Teen Patti Lucky App

Well, the company just made this app, and they’ve been adding deals to it.

Some of these offers are only available right now, and they have some very interesting applications. You can look at the information about what comes next:

The Best Indian Rummy Card Game – This is the most famous Rummy Game app in India. Here, a million other people are playing Rummy online, and you can join them. You can play the game rummy.

Thanks to this app, you can talk to anyone in India, no matter where they are, whenever you want. Set up an account in this app right now to start playing rummy as soon as possible.

Play Online Rummy & Win is an app that you need to get right away if you want to play gambling and poker games online. Because of how this programme works,

You can play gambling and poker games online without leaving the comfort of your own home. This application offers a unique perspective on all card games.

Game Interface: This app lets you play games for a long time without having to stop. The user experience for this app is as simple as possible.

You can also play games here if your internet link is too slow to play games online. For this app, you don’t need a strong internet link.

A Multiplayer Online Card Game Called Rummy – With this app, you and your friends can play Rummy online while sitting back and relaxing at home. Here, you can play games with other people and fight against them.

You think that if you use this program, you will be able to play games that are really fun. Here, you can play any kind of online card game with other people.

Withdrawal in a Flash: With this programme, you can take your money out in a flash. With this programme, you can take money out of your account at any time. As soon as you have 100 yen in your account, you will be able to make a payment withdrawal.

Best Deals: Friends, the most unique thing about this programme is that the company will send you deals from time to time.

There will be more than one deal, but at least one will be for cash back. These options could help you make a good amount of money every month.

Share Bonus in Teen Patti Lucky

If you and your close friends are looking for a way to make money that doesn’t involve playing computer games, you should choose this option. because it lets you make money without having to put any money in first.

To do this, go to the game’s Sharing menu and choose “Share” from the drop-down list. After that, you can share it with your friends by copying the URL or posting it online.

You’ll get 150 points if you bring two friends. If you invite three people, you will get $200. If you choose this approach, you will continue to get benefits for every friend you invite to the game, but for them to join, they must first recharge at least 1,000 game points.

Once you’ve done everything that’s asked of you, you’ll be able to get the bonus. If you sign up for a new account,

How To Withdraw Money From Teen Patti Lucky App?

withdraw money fromm teen patti Lucky

With the Teen Patti Lucky app, you can also cash out your wins, commissions for referring friends, weekly bonuses, and progress bonuses. Since all of these rewards go to the same account amount once you claim them.

As I said above, you don’t have to give your PAN, Aadhaar card, or any other kind of paperwork. The app doesn’t need these kinds of papers. Instead, you just need to tell it how you want to withdraw your money. This could be your bank account information or your UPI address.

Follow Easy Give Steps To Withdraw Money

  • Open the app and tap the Withdraw button.
  • Pick one or the other: 1. Chip to bank account or 2. Chip to UPI.
  • Enter the information of the withdrawal based on the choice you make. For example, if you want to take your money through UPI, you will need to enter your UPI address and the amount you want to withdraw.
  • The money will be sent to your bank account right away.
  • If you click on the record, you can see all of your open records.

VIP Exclusive Rewards in Teen Patti Lucky APK

The Perks of Being a VIP Teen Patti Lucky APK has started a bonus programme for the first payment that runs on the first, eleventh, and twenty-first of every month.

Join VIP today and tell your friends about it to get even more perks. On the first, eleventh, and twenty-first of every month, players who make their first deposit of more than Rs 1000 are qualified to win extra cash prizes of up to Rs 20,000 the next day.

First Deposit Bonus in Teen Patti Lucky Apk

Dear friends, the app you are currently using has sent you the first offer to add money to your account. You are qualified for a complete refund.

if this is the first time you’ve ever added money to your account. Here, you’ll find a lot of coupon codes that can save you money on a variety of recharges.

People, we’re getting ready to give you something. In the meantime, all you need to do is make sure your batteries are fully charged.

If you sign up for an account right away when you put money into your phone’s reload account for the first time, you can get a special deal.

If you are a member of the Teen Patti Lucky VIP programme, you might be able to get a bonus on top of the first money you put into your account. You will be able to get this reward.

If you are a VIP club member and have hit any level between VIP 1 and VIP 10 in the club’s ranking system. The following information is important to know about the bonus:

All VIP Bonus in Teen Patti Lucky Game

VIP-bonus teen patti lucky

If you want to make a bonus and are looking for an app with a variety of bonus schemes, you should think about this one. It has a loyalty scheme as one of its bonus schemes.

You can get not one, not two, but four different kinds of bonuses. Here’s how you can get each one.

Please let your friends know about the Teen Patti Lucky App Download if you have it so that they can use it. I will definitely play the game in this package.

Also, if you want to play computer games, you’ll need to do a few other things. Also, more money will be needed.

Daily Bonus: People who play Rummy get an extra every day. You do have access to a daily bonus programme that lets you make money for free and without having to meet any requirements. You will be able to use these balls once you have signed up for the service.

Weekly Bonus: This is a type of the weekly bonus programme that is not offered at all. To get it, you must first complete at least two levels, and then you can choose which bonus you want to get. Weekly Bonus: This is a part of the weekly bonus programme that is not offered at all.

Monthly Bonus: This bonus is offered every month. Once a month has passed, you will be able to get this year’s bonus. But there are some conditions that must be met before you can get this bonus. For example, you must be at level 2 or higher. Will happen.

VIP Benefit: – Because of how this programme is set up, you will be able to get this prize every time you move up a level. For example, if you are at level 2 and then move up to level 3, you will be able to get this bonus. will be in a position to get

Agent Weekly Bonus in teen Patti Lucky

Teen Patti Lucky APK

You can only use a weekly bonus for a very good agent if your workers made at least ₹1,000 in the previous week. This extra is really great.

On Monday, you can get this bonus if you have a commission of at least ₹1,000, which you can find in some of the lists below. Depending on how much you sell, you will get different amounts.

Teen Patti Lucky Payment Proof 

payment proof teen patti lucky

If you haven’t watched the video about how this app gets paid, you might be thinking how and if this app makes money. You can use our Withdraw tool to find out.

We can see how much money we took from the application in the records, and we also know that we got the money.

Also, we haven’t seen any software in the app, so you can use it without any restrictions. Please do this.

Customer Service for Teen Patti Lucky APK

You can get help if you finish a job in the game and run into problems. This is great because you can also get live help through WhatsApp. Whenever you have a problem, you can get help.

Because it’s an app lock, the best thing about this app’s support for WhatsApp is that it offers five different kinds of support. This is where this application’s help is at its best.

Follow Steps to Contact Teen Patti Lucky Support System

  • First, open the Lucky Teen Patti app. Then, hit the “ADD CASH” button and choose “Support.”
  • Choose either “Telegram, Email, or WhatsApp”
  • Start the app you want and start talking to a customer service person.
  • The answer to your problem will be found as soon as possible.
  • You can do this by going to the support box and using the drop-down choice there to choose “add gas.” Then you will be able to find out all of WhatsApp’s phone numbers and call any of them straight from that place.

Is it safe to use Teen Patti Lucky App?

Even though you might not be able to find the Lucky Teen Patti App on the Play Store, it has been making a lot of people happy for a long time and gives great service and payment.

But the fact that the app has been doing this for a long time does not mean that it is not trustworthy. You can assume that you can use this app to the best extent possible if it has the services and features you need.

Teen Patti Lucky APK- FAQs

Can I get my money from referrals?

Yes, you can get your money from referrals just as easily as you can get your money from games. Both of them follow the same rules.

How can I make money playing Teen Patti Lucky?

If you play games on the app, you can win real money. You can also make as much real money as you want by inviting your friends.

How safe is this app?

Yes, it is safe to install Teen Patti Lucky apk.

What is Lucky Rummy APK?

The Rummy Lucky Game apk is a gambling app that lets users play more than 20 card games to make money and win cash.

How Many Ways to Earn Money From Teen Patti Lucky?

There are Three Way To Earn Money From lucky rummy app are:
1. Play Card Games and Earn Real Money
2. Refer and Earn
3. Play Cricket betting

How To Withdraw Winning Money From Teen Patti Lucky?

Open the app for Lucky Teen Patti >> Tap the button that says “Withdraw” >> Choose the choices for pulling out >> Type in the amount to be withdrawn >> Tap the button for “withdraw.”

When Was Teen Patti Lucky Game Launched?

July 22, 2022.

How Much is Minimum Withdraw in Teen Patti Lucky?

₹100 is minimum withdraw.